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A sleepwear gown is a terrific way to add a touch of glamor and a lot of comfort to your boudoir wardrobe.

Many women are under the mistaken impression that they have to sacrifice comfort if they want to wear sexy nightgowns or exotic lingerie for their partners. sleepwear gown
Thankfully, that doesn’t have to be the case! Ladies sleepwear and nightgowns offer luxurious fabrics and a flattering design combined with fantastic wearability and comfort.

For many women, the choice of fabric for womens nightgowns makes all the difference.

Rayon and cotton night gowns are useful choices for everyday wear, but don’t stop there: try including several satin or silk pieces to make you feel and look like a million.

Both silk and satin nightgowns are instantly reminiscent of vintage Hollywood glamour (think Rita Hayworth and Mae West); these fabrics are also incomparably sensuous against the skin.

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To really amp up the glamour factor, opt for nightgowns and sleepwear with lace trim or sexy sheer inserts.

Another important factor to consider is the cut of the womens sleepwear or nightgown itself.

Long nightgowns are useful in colder weather and are modest enough to allow you to tend to midnight interruptions by children or house guests without having to change your clothes.

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Consider cranking up the sex appeal of a long silk nightgown by purchasing one with a single thigh-high slit; you’ll be able to show some leg provocatively while still leaving a lot to the imagination. nightgowns Knee-length nightgowns are another popular choice.

This length is particularly practical if you have cats in the house, or any other animals that might try to climb up long night gowns and ruin them with their claws in the process.

The most daring sleepwear gowns are, of course, the shortest; the hems of these nighties may fall to mid-thigh, or they may be short enough to barely skim the tops of your legs.

Ultra-short sleepwear gowns like a cotton chemise or silk chemise are often sold with a matching pair of g string panties.


Womens thongs, low rise panties, or boy short panties are also an attractive compliment to these undergarments.

To add extra pizazz, opt for night gowns that have detailed hems or edging, such as ruffles, lace, beading, rhinestones, or pearls.

gown You may also elect to experiment with the back of the nightgown, perhaps pairing a modest front neckline with a plunging back ornamented with criss-cross spaghetti straps.

All women sleepwear styles should be cared for according to the directions on the manufacturer’s label.

Stains are easiest to remove when they’re fresh; do your best not to soil your nightgowns, pajamas, and chemise sleepwear, and if you do notice a stain, treat it immediately.

Whether it is high end lingerie or inexpensive intimate apparel, items placed in a washing machine are at an increased risk for rips and tears.

Even if the label states that machine washing is acceptable, it’s wise to place your lingerie and intimate apparel in a mesh garment bag (readily available at supermarkets) to guard against damage.

If you want to remove the intimate apparel care label because it’s irritating on your skin, write down the care instructions in a safe place so you won’t forget how to clean your lingerie.

Cared for properly and with respect, your new sleepwear gown will provide years of comfort and enjoyment!

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