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The silk nightgown is incomparable when it comes to sensual lingerie and romantic intimate apparel. Soft and soothing on the skin, this ladies sleepwear style is undoubtedly one of most beloved night gowns available today.

A rich fabric, silk is a naturally soft fibre that breathes well and has a beautiful sheen to it.

Whether you opt for silk nightgowns, silk slips, silk pajamas or posh silk robes the touch and feel of any silk sleepwear will delight your skin and awaken your senses.

These sexy nightgowns come in an amazing variety styles, colors, and lengths.

Silk Nightie Tips

Whether you are looking to splurge on one for yourself or as a lingerie gift for a loved one, there are some nightgown tips to keep in mind.

The first factor to consider is length.

Many long nightgowns amp up the sexy factor with sheer panels or a slit going high up one leg, but still leave most of the lower body covered.

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Women whose legs are more toned may opt for a shorter, flirtier silk chemise style to show off those gams!

You might also choose to experiment with neckline and strap styles. A long hemline can provide the perfect complement for some spaghetti straps and a plunging neckline!

Color is another important thing to consider. If purchasing bride lingerie for your wedding night or honeymoon lingerie you’ll almost certainly want to include several pieces, perhaps a peignoir set in shades of white or cream.

Black silk can be a devastatingly sexy combination in womens nightgowns and deep, blood red is another sure-fire choice.

When venturing beyond these basics, consider your skin tone and the color of your hair and eyes.

For example, redheads look incredible in all shades of green, ranging from a light cucumber to a brilliant emerald green.

Blondes Have More Fun

Blondes look fabulous in flattering shades of icy blue. And, brunettes shine in rich and luxurious shades of berry and wine.

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Don’t be afraid to spend some time getting acquainted with the tempting color palate and trying the various silk lingerie options available to you.

Many prominent lingerie and intimate apparel retailers hold major sale events several times per year.

These are excellent opportunities to stock your drawers with silk nightgowns, silk underwear silk pajamas, silk robes and lots of new delights!

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How To Care For Silk Sleepwear

Once you’ve purchased your new silk nightgown, it is important to learn how to properly care for it so that you may enjoy it for many years to come.

Before slipping into silk sleepwear or nightgowns or any womens sleepwear make sure that any body lotion you’ve applied has been thoroughly absorbed; otherwise it may stain the delicate silk fabric.

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Check the label on the lingerie undergarment for specific care instructions. Most silk and satin nightgowns can be hand-washed with a gentle cleanser designed especially for silk; this will ensure that no bleaches, brighteners, or enzymes destroy the fabric.

These night gowns should be dried carefully on a rack or a clothesline, and never placed in a clothes dryer.

For any silk lingerie that is heavily soiled, professional dry-cleaning can be quite valuable.

If in doubt about how to care for your silk lingerie, inquire at the store where you purchased it.

The staff will be able to advise you as to the best way to enjoy your new purchase for years to come!

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