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The much loved push up bra is designed to give the appearance of a fuller cleavage.

Also known as the miracle bra it is a lingerie and intimate apparel must-have for every well dressed woman's lingerie drawer.

Pushup bras offer far more coverage than demi cup bras and the peekaboo balconette bras.

Incredibly versatile, these sexy exotic bras can literally make men go weak in the knees and women more voluptuous than they ever dreamed.

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Sound too good to be true? Just what makes a pushup bra so special?

Its clever design and ability to create more cleavage by enhancing your natural assets. This brassiere accentuates the breasts by pushing them forward together and upward.

When it comes to today's pushup bra styles the most popular is the underwire bra and lace bras.

These brassieres have extra padding cleverly tucked away along the outer sides - usually a foam or soft gel built into rounded cups that are angled to maximize cleavage and lift.

Classic pushup bras are usually made of a lace, satin, silk or the latest soft velvety microfiber fabric, and are the perfect choice for both dressy and everyday wear.

Pushup cotton bras tend to be more casual and have a greater choice of sportier brassiere styles.

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