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Nightgowns & Sleepwear Are Cosy Comfortable

Nightgowns sleepwear...These days ladies sleepwear styles like night gowns, chemises, pajamas and lounge wear are for so much more than just sleeping.

Whether you are jetting off for a romantic B&B weekend, choosing your honeymoon lingerie trousseau, buying a bridal shower gift, planning for a hospital stay, or buying a sheer chemise, shopping for sleepwear is a rite of passage.

From a flirty chemise in stretch lace and satin nightgowns to Vanity Fair nightgowns, the choices are endless. Where should you start?

You can start by taking a look at the latest online lingerie nightwear and loungewear styles, and your local lingerie stores, like Victoria's Secret, or department stores like Macy's or Saks to get a good idea of what is available.

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If you're looking for a gift for a loved one or yourself, take a peek at our lingerie shopping tips for men ...and gentlemen, don't forget that the wrapping of lingerie and presentation are just as important as the gift!

Nightgown Styles ...

Nightgown styles can range from floor-length (negligee) to hip length - also known as babydoll length. A short nightgown is often referred to as a nightie, slip or chemise sleepwear. nightgowns sleepwear Nightgown sets are traditionally worn with a matching outer garment...a robe, dressing gown, sheer chiffon peignoir -for shorter styles it's often called a makeup robe or wrap robe. Cotton is a very popular fabric, that ranges from thin summer cotton nightgowns to flannel nightgowns for those cold winter nights.

Nighties, pajamas and loungewear can also be made of silk, satin, lace, or lightweight nylon, just to name a few.

They can be embellished with lace, mesh, or delicate embroidery on the cups and hem...the choices go on and on.

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Most women have a variety of nighties, pajamas and sleepwear and chemise sleepwear in their lingerie drawer.

They may include satin pyjamas for those romantic moments, a few comfortable cotton nightgowns for simply relaxing and snuggling, and cozy flannel sleepwear to keep away the chill of winter in those northern climates.

Satin or silk...cotton or chiffon...lace or flannel...long or short...peek a boo or completely covered, have fun exploring and deciding which nightgowns sleepwear you want to buy.

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