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Long Nightgowns, Full Length Nightgowns -
Any Way You Say It, They're A Lingerie Drawer Must-Have

Long nightgowns - Womens sleepwear choices have never been as exciting as they are now. There are a multitude of nightgowns for every occasion, each designed with its own feminine inspiration and purpose.

From soft and sensual satin nightgowns for a romantic interlude to crisp clean cotton nightgowns for a cool summer evening, today’s night gowns offer effortless style and function all in one.

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Gone are the days when ladies sleepwear was limited to a plain white nightgown or practical womens pajamas in uninspiring colors.

Women are now discovering they can have comfortable and/or sexy womens sleepwear and nightgowns.

On the provocative side are sexy nightgowns in silk or satin, embellished with lace trim, that caress the curves and inspire romance.

And on the comfortable side are peach skin soft cotton nightgowns and loungewear that are perfect for relaxing at home in style.

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Given the amazing variety of long nightgowns that are available, we‘ve managed to narrow the list to our top 5 picks:

Cotton Nightgown – Cotton lingerie has long been adored for the comfort and breathability it offers. Not only is cotton soft against the skin, it is also low-key and conservative.

Cotton is a lingerie drawer must have for a busy lifestyle, because you simply toss your nightgown in the washing machine without worrying about too much about the fabric.

An array of necklines, sleeve lengths, colors, prints, and embellishments to choose from ensure that your cotton nightgown fits your style preferences.

If a white long nightgown strikes you as boring, today’s trendy designs may just prove you wrong.

Embroidery, satin bows, and lace details add a modern twist to this timeless sleepwear.

Whether you’re shopping for your honeymoon lingerie (lingerie hint - a white silk nightgown is chic and a great choice for bride lingerie ), or wanting something comfy to slide into at the end of a long day, white nightgowns are a great choice.

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Satin Nightgowns – Satin fabric adds a luxurious flair to any lingerie undergarment and intimate apparel. A satin nightgown, much like it’s luxurious cousin, the silk nightgown lightly skims the silhouette with comfort and ease.

Look for lace or embroidered trim to enhance the femininity of these night gowns even more.


Victorian Nightgowns – Looking sweet and romantic is easily achieved by slipping into a

Victorian nightgown. Dating back to the Victorian era, this romantic ladies sleepwear style favors exquisite white cotton heirloom and silk nightgowns.

A high-button collar and full sleeves complete the classic look. Satin bows and broderie anglaise lace embellishments add a feminine glow to these undergarments.

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Flannel Nightgown - Not quite as glamorous as a sheer nightgown but definitely warm, flannel sleepwear is quite simply the best choice for cold winter nights.

Why? The soft, dense cotton fabric keeps the heat close to the body.

While the classic flannel nightgown and flannel pajamas are best known in the traditional red plaid, there is also a fantastic variety of fun and funky patterns and colors to fit every personality and taste.

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