Full Length Nightgowns:
The Top 4 Trends That Will Surprise You

Full Length Nightgowns are hotter than ever, and they’re having a moment as one of the top sleepwear pieces that women are wearing right now. Whether a long nightgown is already in your sleepwear rotation, or you’re new to this style, we’ve got the 4 hottest trends for you to incorporate into your bedtime look. Let's take a look at the four top trends:

 1. Flannel Nightgowns

Flannel nightgowns are a great way to keep warm!

Not all long gowns need to be dressy, glamorous or sexy. In fact, one of the hottest trends right now is ultra comfortable and cozy flannel nightgowns.

A full length flannel nightgown is an obvious choice for staying toasty warm during the long and cold winter months. But did you know that flannel isn't just for the months of December and January? 

Many women are looking for cozy, comfort at the end of a long hard day at work...something quick and easy to slip into and a break from complicated suits, skintight jeans, and high heels.

And, because flannel is so popular, there are a plethora of choices from your favorite lingerie designers to choose from.

  2. Full Length Nightgowns - Back To Basics

Another hot trend that’s hit the street is the basic look. Think plain tees, jeans, chic sneakers, and neutrals.

This trend has made its way into sleepwear and the full length nightgown is no exception.

To get on board with this look opt for solid, neutral colors like black, cream, grey, or navy. Look for gowns that are sweet and simple, and styled with simple cuts, modest scoop or v-necklines, and your favorite sleeve length.

You’ll love the ease and simplicity of basic nightgowns that let you unwind and relax in an unfussy and effortless way.

  3. Sexy Nightgowns

On the other end of the spectrum, those who favor a sultrier look in their sleepwear are turning up the heat with ultra sexy full length nightgowns.

Books like 50 Shades Of Grey have brought bondage-style details into the mainstream, so you’ll find beautiful gowns with corset inspired lacing, crisscross straps, mesh inserts, and even leather details.

Go for all-out, jaw-dropping, impact when you choose a vampy full length gown loaded with these details, in edgy shades like black, deep red, or exotic animal prints.

Whether you’re wearing it for your lover or just for yourself, you’ll love slipping into a beautiful nightie that evokes a bold confidence in any woman.

  4. Lace Nightgowns 

Fabric Fun

As for fabric, while polyester knits are sleek and flowing, breathable cotton, or even bamboo or Tencel, can be just as nice -- and offer a  more comfy sleep.

Elegant glamour is one of the hottest trends right now, even among the casual styles that are all over the runways and street styles.

Grace and classic styling will never go out of fashion, and ladylike and feminine nightgowns are one of the most popular sleepwear looks of the moment.

  • Choose a nightie in a rich jewel tone or dreamy pastel shade.
  • Go for allover lace if you’re feeling confident, or opt for lace panels, appliques or straps if you prefer just a hint of lace.
  • Stretch lace will guarantee an ultra-comfortable fit so that your long nightgown feels just as lovely as it looks.

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