Cotton Nightgown Essentials: Top Ten Tips To A Better Night's Sleep

Cotton Nightgown - Getting a good night’s sleep is not only considered beauty rest for looking your best, but will lower stress levels, fuel you throughout your day, and help you achieve overall wellness.

What you wear is a big part of keeping comfortable so you can focus on the main event, as well as looking and feeling pampered and pretty. Slip into some cosy and comfy cotton sleepwear and apply these tips to ensure your best night’s sleep ever...

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 1. Set The Stage

Did You Know?

According to Cotton Incorporated, most of women’s intimate apparel and clothing is made of.... cotton.

A good night’s sleep starts long before you crawl under the covers.

Guarantee a good rest by prepping your bedroom by clearing clutter, tidying up piles of clothes, and removing any papers or extraneous items that don’t need to be there.

Treat your bedroom as a place for sleep and sleep only, and keep things like your laptop, coffee mugs, and mail in another room

 2. Make Bed Time A Treat

You’ll look forward to bedtime every night if you turn it into a pampering experience.

Choose luxurious sheets, indulge in pajamas that make you feel beautiful, like a pretty cotton nightie, place a small floral arrangement on your beside table, and make your bed each morning when you get up.

Make your bedtime feel like a spa retreat and you’ll be relaxed and rested in no time.

 3. Unwind Before Bed

Trying to sleep after rushing around all night is nearly impossible.

Give your body and mind a chance to unwind at least an hour before bed by letting go of your to-do list, powering off your devices and TV, and doing something soothing instead.

Slip into your pjs and relax in comfort while you read a good book, write in a journal, or have some one on one time with your partner. By the time you’re ready for bed you’ll be calm and ready to rest

 4. Stock The Essentials

Keep your bedside table stocked with all the items you’ll need to make your sleep extra restful.

Stock it with a few little goodies like a silk eye mask, rich hand cream, and a good book by your favorite author that you've been wanting to read. Make it your personal treasure trove. A little bedtime pampering will send you off to dreamland feeling pretty and relaxed.

5. Keep It Natural With A Cotton Nightgown

Upgrade your sheets and pajamas to natural fabrics and you’ll stay comfortable and cool while you sleep. Choose organic if possible, and look for 100% cotton nightgowns and sleepwear. Opt for pure cotton, silk, and wool bed linens.

 6. Keep The Room Cool

A blasting thermostat will dry our your skin and throat, making you feel parched when you wake up. Instead keep the air cool and upgrade to a long sleeved cotton nightgown for more coverage, or add an extra throw blanket to keep you warm.


 7. Try A Warm Bath Or Shower

Wash away the day by treating yourself to a long steamy shower or relaxing bath before turning in. Follow up with a silky body cream and a fresh cotton nightgown, and you’ll slip into bed feeling tranquil and ready for sweet dreams.

 8. Write It Down!

Nothing can ruin a good night’s sleep faster than nagging thoughts and racing ideas. Help your mind relax by keeping a pretty journal and pen in your bedside drawer. If a worry or thought pops up simply jot it down and let it go until morning.

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 9. Soothe Your Senses

Treat all five of your senses to a calm and restful sleep when you indulge in things like a noise machine with soothing rain or water sounds, lavender essential oils, and a crisp cotton nightgown and sheets. The more relaxed you can become before you fall asleep, the better rested you’ll be when you do finally doze off.

 10. Make Bed Time Consistent With Familiar Rituals

Try turning in at the same time every night and following a similar routine each night to unwind and prep for sleep. Regular rituals like reading your favorite book before bed, or sipping a soothing tea will send a signal to your brain that it’s time for bed.

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