Bra Preteen Insiders Guide

Bra Preteen... Between the ages of 11 to 13, young girls may discover that they need a new first bra. Preteen lingerie is the group of intimate apparel designed especially for young girls, tweens and teens.

It includes styles like training bras, camisoles and cami sets, teen underwear, and girls nightgowns in fabrics and styles that are appealing to girls, tweens and teens alike.

Bra Preteen

Sometimes, young girls may ask for a training bra much earlier than needed due to the influence of their peer group.

Little girls love teen clothing, and generally love to keep up with what their friends are wearing!

A girls first bra is often called a preteen bra. Preteen bras are designed for smaller bra cup sizes and are intended for young girls and teens.

Some training bra styles are designed to provide sufficient support for young girls activities such as physical education class as well as after school sports.

This particular style is known as a teen sports bra. Other popular teen bra styles that are more suited for everyday wear include:

  • cotton bras

  • softcup bras
  • underwire bras

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Why Does She Need A Training Bra?

A training bra, teen bras and teen lingerie are much like any piece of teen underwear or intimate apparel; it is an essential part of a young girl's hygiene habit.

More importantly, a bra preteen gives young preteens and teen girls a healthy diversion, feeling good wearing something nice and new underneath their clothing, instead of focusing on the constant differences of their body as they undergo the changes of puberty.

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Aside from providing support to budding breasts, training bras and lingerie for teenagers are also designed to complement the shape of a young woman’s body.

Not only does a first bra symbolize a young girl’s transition into womanhood, it also is a symbol of the start of womanhood; and the endless lessons that you as her parent should give on the things or issues that concern her maturing into a young woman.

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