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Teen thong panties - when it comes to sexy panties and preteen or even teen girls, anxious mums and dads ask the same question - Should their daughter be wearing sexy lingerie?

It's a tricky situation and one that should be considered carefully. What is a parent to do?

Not all girls who are growing are growing at the same pace.

Young girls tend to mature at different rates, both mentally and physically.

And, while a girl may look mature, she is still a little girl.

Here's the age old question (plus some helpful tips and advice) that parents have faced since thongs became so mainstream...

Are Teen Thong Panties Appropriate?

teen thong panties

Are thong panties appropriate for preteen and teen girls?

My 13-year-old daughter asked me if she would be allowed to wear some girls thong panties, because she's worried about her panty line showing.

She says all her friends are wearing thongs.

I don't feel comfortable with her wearing thongs, she's so young! Some of the teen lingerie that her friends are wearing is far too sexy.

I'm worried that it'll send the wrong signal to the boys her age. I mean, won't everyone be able to see that she's wearing a thong?

Answer - Teen Underwear Options

Whether your daughter wants to wear a thong, teen panties or her favorite teen underwear, she isn't purposely sending any messages to boys.

Most boys her age aren't specifically looking for panty lines.

What matters here is how your daughter feels about herself. Self esteem is crucial during puberty for young girls.

It would seem she's embarrassed about panty lines. If she doesn't have them, then she shouldn't feel embarrassed at all.

thong panties for a while, she may just discover they're not as comfortable as she thought they would be.

When it comes to lingerie for teenagers don't be afraid to make some suggestions. There are lots of fun and age appropriate

teen panties, training bras, and teen lingerie choices available today.

If your daughter has her heart set on owning teen thong panties, you'll want to set some boundaries.

Intimate apparel styles like sheer thongs and sexy teen lingerie are inappropriate for young girls. As a compromise, you might suggest a pair of modest cotton thong panties designed for young girls.

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