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From G String Panties To Bikini Basics,
Skimpy G String Bikinis Are A Lingerie Favorite

Skimpy g string bikinis are one of the most popular panty lingerie styles that are enjoyed and appreciated by both men and women today.

What makes these panties such a lingerie drawer favorite? Quite simply because they are so versatile, and a great peekaboo lingerie complement to virtually any lingerie style; even a basic like a sexy sheer bra.

But, with so many different panty styles, it can be a bit overwhelming understanding the differences between styles like a tiny g string bikini panty style vs. g string panties. So, let's take a quick tour of the different sexy panty styles...

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G String Basics

skimpy g string bikinis

There are many popular g string styles to choose from.

From the classic sheer micro bikini panties to the uber famous pearl g string popularized by Samantha on Sex and The City, the choices have never been better.

So, let's get started with the basics....

The basic string bikini panty rests below the belly button and comfortably on the hips, making it a great style to wear with today's popular low rise panty styles.

Other sheer bikini panty styles are high-cut, while others sit much lower on the hips. It really depends on your preference (and wardrobe), so try several different styles.

Panty sides can vary from a narrow elastic band that is attached to both sides of the panty, to a ribbon that can be tied into a pretty little bow.

sheer bikini panty

Back or derriere coverage depends on the panty style, and varies from full coverage with a sheer g string panty to the more daring thong styles that leave the buttocks completely exposed.

These panties are ideal for preventing a VPL, the dreaded visible panty lines.

If you're looking for something sexier, like risque lingerie, look no further than the crotchless g string bikini panty. Open crotch lingerie styles are the ultimo in peekaboo lingerie panties.

Why? They have less coverage than any g string panties, with an open crotch. Definitely not for the faint of heart, but these skimpy g string bikinis are wildly popular with lingerie aficionados the world over!

G String Bikini Panty Styles

sheer micro bikini

Skimpy g string bikinis come in many different fabric choices...

  • Satin and silk underwear styles are preferred by women who want a more luxurious, and sexy look.

    Some string bikini panty styles in silk and satin are trimmed with laces and and bows, so whether it's a silk panty or a satin panty you choose, remember it's a delicate fabric that needs to be hand washed and air dried.
  • There's nothing sexier than a sheer mesh bikini or sheer mesh g string. A sheer micro bikini under a sheer chemise or sheer nightgown ? Heaven!

    Make sure you choose fine sheer mesh lingerie fabrics that are soft on your skin with a great stretch (hint: look for a lycra or spandex and nylon blend).

  • Look for lightweight soft stretch laces with a touch of lycra or spandex that embrace your curves. Hanky Panky underwear makes some some superb g string thongs and sheer thongs in incredibly soft lace.

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