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A sheer nightgown and a sheer chemise are two sheer lingerie "must haves" for the well-dressed woman.

Both are remarkably versatile and perform double duty as sheer lingerie undergarments for daywear and loungewear, for the boudoir.

For most women, the words nightgowns sleepwear brings to mind pretty standard nightwear styles like a cotton nightgown, or something more mainstream like Miss Elaine night gowns or even Victorian nightgowns.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

With today's gorgeous "barely there" sheer fabrics and peekaboo lingerie there is a scrumptious cornucopia of sexy nightgowns and chemise lingerie to choose from for your daytime and nighttime lingerie wardrobe.

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If you're looking for a romantic nightgown, nothing beats the classic long black nightgown, or satin nightgown, an alluring look with a distinctly feminine silhouette.

Long nightgown styles flatter every curve and shape. Ladies, everyone looks great in black lingerie! honeymoon lingerie Womens nightgowns and slip lingerie can vary from a deep plunge front (or back) to the very popular princess cut with a full flounce skirt.

Sexy nightgowns are available in half-lengths that barely graze your derriere to full-lengths that graze the floor, and virtually every length in between.

If you're looking for the ultimate in sheer luxury, look no further than a silk nightgown, or classic soft satin nightgowns.

Both satin nightgowns and the classic silk nightgown signify romance, love, and adventure; they're light as gossamer and feel wonderful against your skin.

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Wear a pair of peekaboo sheer sheer bikini panties under your silk nightgown for an added thrill!

If you love romantic peekaboo lingerie, black lace nightgowns with spaghetti shoulder straps, a fitted bodice and flared skirt that grazes the floor are beautiful.

Feminine and delicate womens nightgowns are perfect for your daywear lingerie, romantic evenings, and cuddling with that special someone.

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Whether you're searching for night gowns that are whimsical or practical, functional or girlish, there are lots of sexy nightgowns out there to choose from.

sheer chemise A gossamer light, knee length short nightgown is practical and chic for daywear lingerie.

Change your look from functional to va va voom by wearing a sheer bra and matching sheer micro bikini panty underneath your favorite silk or satin nightgowns.

Why is this so popular? Layering a sheer nightgown is a great way to add another layer of mystery to the moment.

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Looking for more ideas? Long nightgowns in gorgeous sheer fabrics like mesh, lace, and silk are dramatic and sensual.

Long or short night gowns are always a great choice, because they are so versatile. You can dress them up or dress them down depending on your mood.

Every woman should have several different nightgown styles hanging in her closet or carefully tucked away in her lingerie drawer!

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