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Night gowns, & Sexy Sleepwear Tips

Sexy nightgown ...There are few gifts that your honey one will appreciate more than sexy lingerie.

A gift of womens sleepwear is really a treat for both of you - she feels pampered, sexy, and beautiful, and you get to see her model one of the more fabulous night gowns! Sexy nightgowns are one of the most popular lingerie gifts that men buy for their sweethearts.

However, the majority of men tend to feel confused or overwhelmed when they set out to make a purchase of women sleepwearfor their sweetheart.

Why? The vast array of ladies sleepwear styles and sleepwear gown fabrics can seem mind-boggling, even for veteran lingerie shoppers.

From the multitude of short and long nightgowns and all of the other womens sleepwear styles, how can you be sure you’re choosing something that both you and your partner will love?

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Let’s assume that this nightgown or chemise sleepwear is a surprise gift, so you can’t bring your wife or girlfriend shopping with you to pick out her new sexy nightgown.

Before you head off to your local shopping mall (or place an order from a lingerie website), arm yourself with as much information as you can.

night gowns This is easiest if you’re living with your loved one, but can be accomplished even if you are not. First, take an intimate apparel inventory of your wife or girlfriend’s existing nightgowns and sleepwear.

This serves two purposes - you want to make sure that you’re not buying something that’s basically a copy of a nightgown that your honey already owns. Plus, you want to learn what her size is.

This last part is absolutely crucial! Inadvertently purchasing a nightgown that is either too small or too large can be disastrous for your relationship.

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Buy a nightie or chemise that’s too small, and your partner will instantly feel fat and unattractive; buy one that’s too big, and she’ll wonder why you thought she needed lingerie that's so big.

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You can avoid this sticky issue almost entirely by taking a peek at the labels in her lingerie drawer.

While you’re taking your mental inventory, notice the intimate apparel or lingerie fabrics and styles of nightgowns she owns.

Do you see a lot of long nightgowns or a huge pile or short and sexy satin nightgowns?

If you see mostly short, flirty gowns, consider adding variety to her wardrobe by giving a gift of a long, flowy, sensuous satin nightgown - perhaps with a matching womens robe.

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If she owns many of these, turn the tables by giving a gift of a flirty little silk nightgown that barely covers her bottom.

Take notice, also, of the color palate of your wife or girlfriend’s lingerie collection.

nightwear White/cream, red, and black are failsafe colors that look amazing on everyone; however, chances are that she already owns some garments in each of these colors.

If this is the case, you might branch out a bit into womens nightgowns that are slightly more unusual.

If she looks amazing in peachy tones, consider an apricot chemise in stretch lace with cream lace edging. If she loves purple, opt for a sexy nightgown in a berry or wine shade.

The colors that flatter her in public will also be the most agreeable shades of sexy or exotic lingerie.

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Is she a redhead? Buy her something green and prepare to be astounded.

If you’re still worried about what kind of sexy nightgown your partner will enjoy, don’t be afraid to subtly bring it up in conversation.

Most women will readily tell you what they do and don’t enjoy wearing, and what they do and do not find sexy and attractive.

Armed with that information - and these lingerie shopping tips for men you’ll be prepared to give a thoughtful and gorgeous gift that is truly a treat for both of you!

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