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The Open Bra

The open tip bra, also known as the open nipple bra (or nippleless bra) is among the most well-known exotic bras available today and considered to be one of the most demure of the risque sexy bras.

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For many women who are just venturing into erotic lingerie or are building up their courage, or perhaps even just a little shy, the open nipple bra is a great starter bra.

It's not quite as risque as some of the sexier bra styles like shelf bras that expose all of the breast and are quite provocative.

Yet, at the same time it offers a delicious combination of showing off and playing peekaboo with its audience.

Overall, open cup bras in general are very similar to regular bras, except they're missing part of the bra cups - some bra styles are designed to expose more of the breasts that others.

Open bras can vary significantly from risque cupless bras, with the entire bra cup exposed, to the more conservative nippleless bra that covers the breast with a small peek a boo slit just a little around the nipple area.

Aren't All Open Cup Lingerie Styles The Same?

open cup bra

In a word, no. Exotic lingerie and intimate apparel styles can vary a lot.

Historically, open nipple bras have been known as the most whimsical and flirty of these types of bras, since they have more of a peek-a-boo look to them.

The open cup bra is a good option for women who perhaps need a bit more support, or who are accustomed to wearing full figure bras on a daily basis, and who aren't quite ready to expose their breasts completely.

Lingerie Secret... the advantage to open bras and open bikini panty or sexy womens panties is that you can mix and match your favorites with your other brassieres and underwear for different looks and combinations.

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Exotic Lingerie Undercover

Not sure how to incorporate sexy open lingerie into your lifestyle? Here are a few of our quick and easy tips.

Don't forget to match your bras with a sexy companion... some sexy open crotch lingerie panties...

  • Wear an open bra with baby doll underwear for a demure look
  • Pair an open tip bra with a bikini panty
  • Match sexy crotchless g string panties with your favorite brassiere for more va va voom
  • Wear a pair of tanga panties with a sheer corset thong for a Victorian look.

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