Open Lingerie And
Intimate Apparel Secrets

Ahhh... the allure of open lingerie and sexy intimate apparel is like no other intimate apparel style. It engages, entices and flirts with the most seductive organ of all - the brain!

open bust lingerie

Just the thought of sensuous silk and satin open bras and peekaboo panties, and one begins to imagine the delicious possibilities...

With it's natural playfulness, peekaboo lingerie has the wonderful ability to charm, tease, and tempt its way into our hearts and minds.

Some women would never dream of slipping into something as whimsical as a thong with a sexy pearl back, or a pair of bikini panties because of their erotic reputation. But they really should.

Peekaboo open lingerie and intimate apparel is about living your life with confidence, and enjoying your sexuality as a woman.

Even if you're a little apprehensive at first, something as simple as a luxurious silk open tip bra can spice things up!

exotic lingerie

sexy lingerie

Perhaps you've just fallen in love... and want your first (okay, so maybe it's your second;) romantic rendezvous to be extra special.

Or, you're contemplating one of those gorgeous satin cupless bras you've had your eye on with the matching panties? Or maybe you're with your beloved of many years and simply want to enjoy each other more on a romantic weekend getaway for two. Peekaboo open bust corsets in luxurious silk will both entice and captivate you and your beloved!

luxury lingerie

The irony is, that as risque as open bras and sexy panties may seem, there is something very old-fashioned and traditional about it.

Sheer risque lingerie allows you to choose the look, set the mood, the tone, and the pace, savoring and enjoying every delicious moment of the adventure as it builds like a glorious musical crescendo.

So, go ahead and revel in being a's a wonderful feeling of enjoyment in dressing to undress!

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