Night Gowns Come In Great Choices

Ladies Sleepwear Galore!

Night gowns come in a fantastic variety of styles. Today, the modern consumer has access to practically every style of night gowns and ladies sleepwear imaginable.

Many women, particularly those living in metropolitan areas, may find women sleepwear styles in brick-and-mortar stores in their area.

Others frequently make use of the internet for such purchases. Whatever your locale, the sky is truly the limit!

One of the most popular styles of womens nightgowns is the sleep shirt. These are often nothing more than oversized t-shirts (long-sleeved or short) that are sewn from comfortable fabrics.

In fact, many women make nightshirts out of regular tees; a pair of panties or cotton shorts completes the outfit and ensures both comfort and modesty during sleep.

Sleep shirts designed specifically for the bedroom are also available almost everywhere.

Another wildly popular style of nightgowns is the “granny gown.” This cotton nightgown style is typically made from cotton or flannel, and is quite snuggly, warm, and comfortable.

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Granny night gowns come in a wonderful range of colors and prints; most fall to the ankles or the floor, have long sleeves, and modest necklines.

For these reasons, granny gowns are popular with women of every age; children love shopping for short and long nightgowns in colorful and unusual prints, and adults appreciate the warmth and modesty these gowns afford.

nightgowns Flannel and cotton nightgowns are also exceptionally easy to care for and do not attract moths as much as wool, making night gowns made from these fabrics excellent candidates for long-term storage when necessary.

Hopeless romantics frequently gravitate toward the victorian nightgown. These night gowns come in subtle shades of white, cream, feminine floral or toile print.

They typically have long, billowy sleeves, a loose body, and a flowing hemline that is decorated with delicate lace or beads.


Shorter styles are available, although most victorian nightgowns are long and elegant.

women sleepwear Shorter cotton or satin nightgowns, also known as chemises are also very popular.

These may have the thin straps known as “spaghetti straps”, or possess wider straps such as those found on some tank tops.

Chemise sleepwear may be long or short; longer versions typically have a walking slit on one side, or centered in the back.

Many chemises are sold as part of pajama or lingerie twin sets in which they are paired with womens robes.

Chemises are one of the most widely-produced sexy nightgowns currently available; one of the most popular styles is the chemise in stretch lace, seen in abundance at department stores and lingerie retailers such as Victoria’s Secret.

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Women who desire a change from stereotypical night gowns may consider menswear-inspired womens pajamas. These include a button-down sleep shirt and matching sleep pants or shorts.


Sleep pants and womens pajamas provide an insurance of modesty that short, skimpy nightgowns and sleepwear cannot.

No matter how the wearer twists and turns in the middle of the night, they are certain to not expose more than they had intended.

Women concerned about modesty who still want to wear short nightgowns may avoid any potential problems simply by slipping on a pair of coordinating shorts or panties beneath their gown.

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