Girls First Bra Styles

The First Bra

When it comes to choosing a girls first bra, today's styles have never been prettier or more plentiful.

Luckily, finding a nice training bra and preteen lingerie is easy when divided into two easy categories - types of bras and finding the right bra size.

Many young girls start out wearing simple wirefree bras that come in easy to fit sizes like xsmall, small, medium, large, and Xlarge.

Neat Triangle Top Bra Neat Triangle Top Bra
These first bras are soft and stretchy with a sports bra look and feel.

Soft bras, also known as softcup bras have no constricting underwire and are sized according to traditional bra cup and band sizes.

There a multitude of different training bra styles that are very comfortable, and a great way to gently introduce young girls into the world of intimate apparel and lingerie for teenagers.

Some popular styles:

  • cotton bra
  • stretch bra
  • zip front sports bra

Determining Bra Size

B-Smooth Seamless Matte Bra B-Smooth Seamless Matte Bra
Over time as the breasts grow, the brassiere size will also increase.

During the teen years, finding the right bra size is very important for both comfort and fit, especially as a girl's body matures.

A large department store with a lingerie fitting room or a specialty store will be able to guide you in getting the right styles and fit.

You can use our bra size calculator to help determine the right size, along with our bra sizes guide for more information.

Depending on the support needed and comfort (remember comfort is key), many young ladies switch from softcup bras to underwire.

Neat String Thong Neat String Thong Neat V-Hipster Neat V-Hipster

Underwire bras are a great choice if the young lady is larger than a C cup...also great for other full figured bras as well.

Also consider the purpose for the training bra. Is it for support or sports? For practicality? Or just for fun?

Neat Triangle Top Bra Neat Triangle Top Bra
Fabrics for girls first bra styles are important too...cottons and micofiber are very comfortable and stretchy soft.

Some laces can be scratchy, stiff and itchy to wear. Look for softer materials that stretch for a better fit.

Popular teen styles include:

  • soft cup bras
  • padded sports bra

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