Exotic Lingerie Secrets

Most women cannot resist exotic lingerie. How can they when tempting styles like exotic bras, mesh panties, and anything sheer or lacy can increase their self-confidence significantly?

Exotic Lingerie

exotic lingerie

From sophisticated long silk nightgowns and open bras to an uber sexy pearl g string panty, sexy lingerie makes any woman feel sensuous, beautiful, and desirable.

Moreover, no man can resist seeing a woman in intimate apparel that moves him to think sexiness, passion, and excitement.

This makes sheer lingerie the perfect gift for a friend, girlfriend, or wife for occasions like bridal shower, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and of course their birthday.

In fact, if you want an ordinary day to be special, give your loved one lingerie that she loves and you will make her day!

There is an enormous assortment of sheer bras, lacy panties, sexy corsets, lingerie garter belt, sheer camisoles and so much more to entice even the most discerning lingerie diva.

sheer nightgown

What usually defines this type of lingerie is the sheerness of the fabric and the translucence of the designs.

Two specific categories, open lingerie and sheer lingerie are synonymous to the idea of exotic and sexy underwear.

So, what to look for when choosing exotic lingerie?

Here are some tips in shopping for the perfect erotic womens lingerie.

Whether you are buying it as a present for a loved one, or for your own personal use, these guidelines will ensure the right “exotic” choice.

erotic lingerie

Tempting Lingerie Colors

exotic lingerie

Intimate apparel colors range from dark and sexy hues like black and red to pale and light, neutral tones of beige, white, and pastels.

There are also bright colors like yellow, pink, and green that send off both a sultry and cheerful vibe.

Red and hot pink are passionate colors. A woman will not go unnoticed wearing sexy exotic lingerie, but to wear them in these fiery colors is a definite plus. It is sexy to the nth degree!

sexy lingerie

sheer exotic lingerie

If you are in doubt as what color suits your loved one, opt for black.

It is classic, elegant and looks lovely on just about any skin tone; flatters all body shapes, and never goes out of style.

White is a classic and fresh choice if you are after the refreshing and innocent look.

This particular color in sheer lingerie brings seduction to a whole new level.

sheer lingerie

Revealing Lingerie Styles

When shopping for a loved one, choose a style that suits her personality and fashion taste.

So, for example if, she is self conscious about her legs, avoid short chemises and perhaps opt for sexy nightgowns.

A sheer negligee or a long lace nightgown are great choices. She should enjoy wearing the sexy sheer lingerie, in that she will feel good about herself.

The aim is to make her feel and look sensual. Additionally, lingerie should make her confident to captivate you in that styles like lacy panties and sheer exotic bras in laces, mesh or delicate silk for instance will be like second skin to her.

In addition to g string panties fishnets, and bra and panties that match, here are some very popular exotic lingerie styles:

  • Baby Doll – a sheer lingerie made of satin, lace and mesh.

  • Open Bustier – in a variety of ruffles, embroideries, nets, etc.
  • Open Bust Teddy – a bodysuit style of lingerie
  • Sexy Nightgowns – sheer long nightgowns and bodice of satin and lace trims
  • Bodysuits – a one-piece garment made of stretchy fabric

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Scrumptious Exotic Intimate Apparel Fabrics

There are a multitude of intimate apparel fabrics available for mesh panties, sheer see through bras, bustier tops and other kinds of exotic lingerie.

sexy exotic lingerie

Traditional favorites however, are a toss up between soft and stretchy peekaboo lace and elegant silk. These fabrics have an incredibly indulgent feel – soft, smooth, luxurious, and for the more practical wearers, very easy to clean.

Sexy lingerie is an ultra hot trend in fashion today. No longer are revealing undergarments confined to the privacy of the bedroom and are limited to dance clubs and other erotic venues.

Risque lingerie is now showcased in movies, music videos, runways, and magazines. And, even underneath chic business suits. Who knows? The right mix and match of exotic lingerie make wearing even the most conservative outfits sexy!

Beautiful Lingerie

exotic lingerie

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