Sexy Cupless Bra Secrets

The cupless bra has been one of the most popular open bras for years; these brassieres leave part or all of the breast exposed, resulting in a very erotic and titillating appearance.

For some of us though, this is terra incognita.

These women might have never before dreamed of wearing something so racy, but thanks to the resources available on the Internet they’ve now begun to think about adding to their lingerie drawer to include an open bra.

There are several open bra styles and several ways that they can be worn.

Arguably the most popular open cup bra is the type that covers most of the breast, but leaves the nipples exposed.

Except for the opening in the middle of each cup, an open nipple bra looks perfectly innocuous.

cupless bra

Because of this, and because of the high level of support the almost-solid cups provide the wearer, some women even enjoy wearing these types of bras underneath their every day clothing.

Why? Because they find it exciting to be wearing such exotic lingerie in secret, or because they enjoy the feeling of having their nipples exposed.

Either way, these exotic bras can often function in much the same way as a normal brassiere.

cupless bras

Wearing Open Bust Lingerie

open bra

If you choose to wear an open tip bra out in public, you should consider the fabric of your shirt.

If it is very thin (for example, if you are only wearing a tee-shirt), be aware that your uncovered nipples may be visible through the fabric.

If this bothers you, or is too risque, consider saving your open bras and lingerie for the boudoir or wearing then only underneath thicker fabrics, such as sweaters.

Bras and Panties That Match

All cupless bras look their best when worn with matching or coordinating sheer bikini or g string panties.

Sometimes, these are sold as an open lingerie set together with the bra. Other women already have a close match in their lingerie collection.

open bras

So, if you’re feeling particularly frisky and adventurous, considering pairing your open bust lingerie styles with a pair of open crotch lingerie.

As the name implies, these are womens panties that either lack a crotch panel completely, or have a split down in the middle that allows access to the crotch area.

Some women make their own panties simply by using scissors to cut a slit in their existing underwear.

However, the raciest crotchless panties are often complicated in construction and are usually purchased ready-made.

open lingerie

Some of these may have a crotch panel that can be tied closed with a piece of ribbon, or fastened with buttons.

open cup bras

These are usually sold in combination with an open bra whose cup openings are designed in a similar fashion.

The lingerie garter belt and stockings combination is another excellent look to pair with a cupless bra.

Choose a garter belt that matches your panties as closely as possible (or matches the brassiere, if you’re not going to wear any panties at all).

If your ensemble is black, consider black stockings.

If it’s white, consider a shade that matches your skin tone as closely as possible.

All other fabric colors should usually be paired with stockings in your skin tone, although some women do go the extra mile to find red, blue, or purple stockings.

Whatever your choice, remember to enjoy yourself and have fun in your new exotic lingerie!

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