Cotton Nightdress Guide To
A Better Night's Sleep

Cosy & Comfortable Cotton Night gowns And Sleepwear

The cotton nightdress, with its huge variety of styles, colors, and sizes, is a wonderful and always welcome addition to any women's lingerie wardrobe. Appropriate for children, teens, and adults, there may be no more versatile night gowns for lounging and sleeping!

Sometimes called a cotton nightgown this style of cotton sleepwear is a fantastic choice for children because of cotton’s durability, washability, and resistance to stains.

Cotton is also a natural fiber; for those who prefer this option, unbleached cotton nightgowns.

cotton nightdress

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Women who have fallen in love with the romantic literature of the Bronte sisters might love long, flowing Victorian nightgowns with a portrait neckline and billowing teardrop sleeves.

Thea 7042 Pomina Long Sleeve Gown
More modern-minded women might prefer a spaghetti strap cotton chemise with a shorter hemline.

Cotton is cool in the summer, but it's a great fabric all year round too.

Adults of all ages frequently turn to the cotton nightgown as a faithful lingerie drawer standby.

Edged with eyelet lace, white cotton nightgowns become romantic, exotic lingerie that are even appropriate for a honeymoon.

Combined with a warm womens robe and fuzzy slippers, it can find a place at a nursing home or retirement community.

At every age, the cotton nightdress is the perfect choice!

If you’re looking for something with a bit more zing, seek out a nightdress that is trimmed with embroidery.

cotton nightgowns

A white-on-white embroidery scheme is elegant and sophisticated, while bolder color combinations excite the eye and provide a refreshing change from the ordinary intimate apparel.

Thea 7004 Alba Gown
Women with sewing skills might even consider creating their own cotton nightdress.

Affordable patterns are available at craft and sewing stores, and can be easily modified to create one-of-a-kind nightgowns and matching womens robes.

These ladies sleepwear creations can be further enhanced through such additions as vintage buttons and heirloom lace.

Garage and rummage sales are a terrific place to look for authentic and nifty trims.

It’s sometimes necessary to remove them from one garment and transfer them to your nightdress.

Craft-supply stores can be another affordable source for buttons and lace. And, you can also check out the national chains that carry a dizzying array at low prices.

If, its authenticity you want, garage and rummage sales may also be a valuable source of authentic vintage nightgowns.

When possible, ask to try on any womens sleepwear before purchasing since standard garment sizing has changed a lot over the past hundred years.

For example, a size 12 from the 1940’s will almost certainly be much smaller than a size 12 produced today.

Lingerie and intimate apparel from Europe and Asia may also be sized differently.

So, avoid unpleasant surprises by trying them on before buying anything.

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